SCOA League

The SCOA League is a competition based on performance at a number of events held throughout the region and runs annually between early Autumn and early Summer. Your total score is based on your best results for 50% (rounded up to the next whole number) of all the events e.g. best 4 of 7 events (before the 2017/18 season it was the best 6 results out of all the events attended). The winner of each course gets 100 points per event, with other scores scaled pro-rata based on the time taken. The League currently applies to the White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue and Brown courses (but not the Red course).

Below, you will find the full list of SCOA League Events, the results of the current SCOA League season so far and other details about the League. Results from previous seasons can be seen in the links to the right.

Also, advance entries are being used for more events. To be sure of being able to run the course of your choice, you are advised to enter in advance if this facility is available. This is especially the case if you want to run one of the more popular courses, particularly Light Green, Green and Blue.

New for 2017-18, you can now run for your club in the SCOA League (SCOL) events. Every run counts and the more club members that take part, the better your score! Your individual league points are calculated as usual, based on performance, but you then get bonus points – 1 for every 4 club members taking part in that event. Everyone’s scores are then added up and an average score for the club is calculated. There will be a lovely trophy next autumn for the top club in the region.
So do your bit for your club and encourage as many members as you can to take part. If you haven’t been to many SCOL events so far, you could be discovering lots of new areas to run on while meeting up with club members too.

The league results and details are currently maintained by Ken Ricketts (BKO). Please email him ( ) if you want details of the league which are not shown here.