SCOA League Rules 2021-22

The SCOA League is a competition based on performance at a number of events held throughout the region and runs annually between early Autumn and early Summer.

Individual Competition

  • The League applies to the White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue and Brown courses. Points are not transferable between courses.
  • Only members of SCOA on the day of the competition score points. This means that the association for your BOF membership must be SCOA, it will no longer suffice to be a member of a SCOA club.
  • Runners over 16 years of age will not score on the White, Yellow or Orange courses
  • Runs must be made alone and unassisted to score.
  • If a competitor runs more than one course at an event, only the first run will count.
  • The winner of each course gets 100 points per event, with other scores scaled pro-rata based on the time taken.
  • Total score is based on your best results for 50% (rounded up to the next whole number) of all the events e.g. best 4 of 7 events.
  • Event officials (Organiser, Planner and Controller) will be awarded 100 points for officiating at a SCOL event. These will only be awarded for one event per season.

Club Competition

There is an inter-club competition based on the SCOA League.

  • Club scores are the sum of the individual scores, divided by the number of runners.
  • Individual scores are increased according to the number of runners from each club taking part in the event. The extra points are awarded at the rate of 1 point for every four runners at the event, ie if there are twelve runners from a club then each runners score will be increased by three points before calculating the club score. This is to reward clubs that have a large turnout, rather than just a few very good runners who score a lot of points.

The league results and details are currently maintained by Ken Ricketts (BKO). Please email him ( ) if you want details of the league which are not shown here.

For the rules applying in the 2017-18 season please see the 2017-18 Rules page.