SCOA Events

On this page, we display events that are sponsored by, or are relevant to, SCOA members. Note that the SCOA Championships are sponsored by SCOA, the requirements for determining the event are shown at SCOA Championships Requirements.

Results from the TVOC Chiltern Challenge event on 23rd May 2021.

Results from the SOC November Classic event on 3rd November 2019.

Due to wet conditions in the parking field, the event on 29 April has been cancelled. Look out for more news on a future (drier) date.

Results from the BKO Concorde Chase event.

Medals will be presented at the BADO SCOA League event on 8th April at Butter Wood.

The 2018 SCOA Championships are being hosted by the BKO Concorde Chase on 28 Jan at Bracknell. To be eligible you must be a current BOF member and registered through SCOA. You also need to enter you age class or run up. Competition on colour classes will not count. There are more details elsewhere on this page.