Championship Venues

Select the competition to display a list of venues for this event. Where possible, the venue for the event has been linked to the full results for the event if we have been able to find them. Note that the lists are not complete, especially for older events - if you have information on those events, please contact the webmaster.

Note that organising clubs were not mentioned for Southern/Southern Nights event before 1985.

Year Event Date Organising Club Venue Event Results Website
1999 07-Feb-1999 MV White Downs
1998 30-Jan-1999 NGOC Parkend Walk
1998 26-Apr-1998 BOK Stourhead
1997 01-Nov-1997 SN Frith Hill
1997 16-Feb-1997 BKO Burghfield
1996 07-Dec-1996 TVOC/ RAFO Wendover Woods
1996 10-Mar-1996 SN Mytchett & Windmill
1995 BOK? Gale Hill
1995 02-Dec-1995 SARUM Beacon Hill & Bulford Down
1994 SOC Busketts Lawn
1994 05-Nov-1994 HH Burnham Beeches
1993 SLOW Leith Hill
1993 20-Nov-1993 BAOC Woolmer & Longmoor
1992 19-Sep-1992 DEVON Burrator
1992 05-Dec-1992 SARUM West Woods
1991 SN Bagshot
1991 14-Dec-1991 SLOW Esher Common
1990 25-Nov-1990 CHIG Epping
1990 24-Nov-1990 BAOC Mytchett
1989 16-Apr-1989 SN Long Valley