Championship Venues

Select the competition to display a list of venues for this event. Where possible, the venue for the event has been linked to the full results for the event if we have been able to find them. Note that the lists are not complete, especially for older events - if you have information on those events, please contact the webmaster.

Note that organising clubs were not mentioned for Southern/Southern Nights event before 1985.

Year Event Date Organising Club Venue Event Results Website
2021 23-May-2021 TVOC Hambleden
2019 30-Nov-2019 BAOC Caerwent
2019 01-Dec-2019 BOK Churchill Inclosure and Cannop Ponds, Forest of Dean
2019 03-Nov-2019 SOC Bramshaw Wood
2018 25-Nov-2018 SN Hindhead and The Devil's Punchbowl
2018 28-Jan-2018 BKO Star Posts
2017 09-Apr-2017 TVOC Hambleden
2017 02-Dec-2017 TVOC Penn Wood
2017 05-Nov-2017 SOC Highland Water, New Forest
2016 06-Nov-2016 SOC Fritham
2016 11-Dec-2016 SN Long Valley
2016 26-Nov-2016 QO Ramscombe
2015 08-Mar-2015 SARUM Sidbury Hill
2015 21-Nov-2015 LOK Holmbury Hill
2015 08-Feb-2015 MV Sheepleas, Netley Heath and White Downs
2014 15-Nov-2014 BADO Silchester
2014 09-Feb-2014 TVOC Nettlebed
2014 26-Jan-2014 BKO Star Posts
2013 14-Apr-2013 KERNO Penhale
2013 07-Dec-2013 WIM Gore Heath