Championship Venues

Select the competition to display a list of venues for this event. Where possible, the venue for the event has been linked to the full results for the event if we have been able to find them. Note that the lists are not complete, especially for older events - if you have information on those events, please contact the webmaster.

Note that organising clubs were not mentioned for Southern/Southern Nights event before 1985.

Year Event Date Organising Club Venue Event Results Website
2006 29-Jan-2006 BKO Cold Ash
2005 10-Dec-2005 BAOC Bulford Ranges
2005 27-Nov-2005 SLOW Esher Common
2005 01-May-2005 SLOW Winterfold
2004 18-Sep-2004 SARUM Longleat
2004 27-Nov-2004 SLOG West Woods
2004 02-May-2004 NGOC Lydney Park
2003 28-Sep-2003 SARUM Collingbourne Wood
2003 13-Dec-2003 SLOW Hankley Common
2003 02-Nov-2003 SOC Burley Lodge
2002 24-Nov-2002 SN Frith and Old Windmill Hill
2002 16-Nov-2002 BAOC Bramley
2002 10-Feb-2002 HH Burnham Beeches & Egypt Woods
2001 16-Sep-2001 SARUM Fonthill
2001 01-Dec-2001 DEVON Harcombe Forest
2001 Not held - Foot and Mouth Disease
2000 09-Dec-2000 SN Mychett
2000 27-Feb-2000 TVOC Hambleden
1999 14-Nov-1999 SN Unknown
1999 04-Dec-1999 BADO Blackwood