SCOA League

The SCOA League is a competition based on performance at a number of events held throughout the region and runs annually between early Autumn and early Summer. There is an individual and an inter-club competition. Full rules and details are on the SCOA League Rules page.

Below, you will find the full list of SCOA League Events, the results of the current SCOA League season so far and other details about the League. Results from previous seasons can be seen in the links to the right.

Note that advance entries are being used for more events. To be sure of being able to run the course of your choice, you are advised to enter in advance if this facility is available. This is especially the case if you want to run one of the more popular courses, particularly Light Green, Green and Blue.

SCOA League for 2010-11

SCOA League 2010-11 prize-giving

Photographs of the prize-giving, which took place at SOC's Slufters event on Sunday 11 September can be viewed by clicking here.

League Events

Event Details/Results Date Club
SCOL1 Acres Down 12-Sep-2010 SOC
SCOL2 Swinley West 10-Oct-2010 BKO
SCOL3 Kingswood 24-Oct-2010 TVOC
SCOL4 Perham Down 31-Oct-2010 BADO
SCOL5 Bentley & Fritham 05-Dec-2010 SOC
SCOL7 Wendover 19-Dec-2010 TVOC
SCOL6 Lucas Castle & Highland Water 09-Jan-2011 SOC
SCOL8 Wellington College 03-Apr-2011 SN
SCOL9 Fonthill (W of Salisbury) 17-Apr-2011 SARUM
SCOL10 Rushall Wood 08-May-2011 BKO
SCOL11 Coombe Hill 22-May-2011 TVOC
SCOL12 Blackwood 12-Jun-2011 BADO