South Central Juniors finish 5th at JIRCS

Over the weekend of 27th and 28th September the SCOA juniors competed in the Junior Inter- regional Competition (JIRCS) against 11 other regional junior squads. This year the competition was held in the Lake District.

The individual competition was held on the Graythwaite estate. The courses were very technical and physically demanding. All the juniors gave their best and enjoyed themselves. The standout performance of the day was from Fiona Bunn (TVOC) who finished 2nd on W16. Other notable performances were from: David Bunn (TVOC) on M16, who is only a first year M14; Hazel Williams (SN) on W14, who also ran up an age class; and Christopher Gurd (SN) and Frank Townley (SN), who were both running the in Lakes for the first time and completed their courses successfully to score much needed points for SCJS. Overall SCJS finished 6th in the individual competition

The relay was held at Roan Head, near Barrow, an area of technical sand dunes. In the Boys relay SCJS finished 4th and 23rd (out of 34 teams). David Bunn was running up to M16 and held is own with the older boys to give Thomas Howell (SN) and Dane Blomquist (BAOC) a chance of a top 3 result. With a powerful run from Dane we finished 4th by less than a minute and only 4 minutes down from first.

In the girls relay fast runs from Fiona Bunn and Bethany Kippin (TVOC) gave Katie Blackford (BADO) a lead on the final leg. Katie held onto the lead until the 8th control where she was overtaken by the eventual winners of the relay (and JIRCS) Scotland. Overall SCJS girls finished 9th and 18th in the relays (out of 25 teams).

In the Overall JIRCS competition South Central finished 5th, behind Scotland, North West, Yorkshire and the South West. Fifth place is our best result for many years.

Many thanks to all the juniors who took part and the parents/coaches who volunteered to drive them to the Lake District.

SCJS Team:

Boys: Thomas Howell (SN), Frank Townley (SN), Christopher Gurd (SN), David Bunn (TVOC), Jonathan Gurd (SN), Dane Blomquist (BAOC), Tim Morgan (SOC), Alex Bett (SN)

Girls: Bethany Kippin (TVOC), Hazel Williams (SN), Fiona Bunn (TVOC), Megan Bett (SN), Abi Bateman (SN), Jenny Dickin (SOC), Katie Blackford (BADO), Bella Williams (SN)

Craig Blackford, SCJS Squad Manager