SCOA Relays 2012

The inaugural SCOA relays were held on Saturday 16th June 2012 at Southern Navigators' event at Bagshot Heath.

A total of 15 SCOA teams competed, 7 open teams (inclduing 1 womens only team), 7 handicap teams and 1 junior team.  

Congratulations are extended to the following class winners:


1.  BAOC1 (Sarah Rollins, Colin Dickson, David Rollins)

2.  SOC1 (Tamsin Moran, Jamie Hicks, Colin Moran)

3.  BKO1 (Andrew Graham, Brian Burt, Richard Rae)


1.  BADO4 (Andy Macgregor, Mike Frizzell, Alan Kersley)

2.  BADO2 (Katie Blackford, Jane Blackford, Craig Blackford)

3.  SN6 (Stephen Gurd, David Lane, Alan Wallis)


1.  SN5 (Jonathan Gurd, Katherine Bett, Christpher Gurd)

Full results, including the SEOA teams who also competed at the same event, can be seen here.