SCOA Bulletin: March 2018

SCOA Bulletin March 2018

Please note the BADO event has been postponed due to wet conditions in the parking field - hoping for permission for 29 April. 

Arrangements for distribution of SCOA Champs medals will be announced soon.

1. The BADO event on 8 April is the last SCOA League event of the 2017-18 season. At about 12.15

SCOA Championships medals will be presented for the first 3 SCOA members in each age class of the

SCOA Champs recently held at BKO Star Posts. To check if you are a winner, see the SCOA website If you are unable to

attend, please try to arrange for someone to collect the medal on your behalf.

This event is also hosting a round of the Yvette Baker Trophy and the new Yvette Baker Shield. The

main difference between the Trophy & the Shield is that Clubs with the number of Juniors in their

Club as at the end of October each year being less than the median across the country (this season it

is 25), can take part in the Shield. Only 5 Scores are to count rather than the 9 Scores of the Trophy.

2. JK2019 is only a year away. SCOA is hosting the JK next year and will need about 150 helpers each

day to ensure its smooth running. We anticipate about 2,700 competitors on days 2 and 3, less on

days 1 and 4. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the biggest annual multiday event in the

country as well as the opportunity to take part without travelling to other regions.

 Fri 19 Apr 2019, Day 1, Sprint , Aldershot Garrison (TVOC Planner)

 Sat 20 Apr 2019, Day 2, Middle Distance, Old Windmill Hill, Mytchett (SN Planner and Org)

 Sun 21 Apr 2019, Day 3, Classic Distance, Cold Ash, Newbury (BKO Planner and Org)

 Mon 22 Apr 2019, Day 4, Relay, Minley, Fleet

BADO, BAOC, BKO, SOC, SOFA, SARUM, SN, TVOC, WIGHTO are asked to nominate one person to

act as the point contact for helpers. Please find out who your club point contact is and register your

interest early so that we can provide any training you might need to carry out various tasks. We are

also looking for experienced members to act as team leaders for prize-giving, site, equipment,

safety, volunteer co-ordination, start, download and parking each day.

For more info or to volunteer for any of the roles listed above, please contact Di or Terry Smith

(di(at) who are co-ordinating the 4 days. The running of each day will be down to the

SCOA club members so please support your club and the region to make this a great success.

3. The SCOA Junior Squad continue with their monthly training activities, which included a

December weekend at Mytchett with the East Midlands Junior Squad and a weekend in February to

the Gower to train with the Welsh Junior Squad. They are always on the lookout for new members.

It’s a great way to meet other juniors and develop skills for life as well as orienteering. For more

information about the squad, see the SCOA website

4. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): new rules will apply from 25th May 2018. Clubs

should be checking that personal data collected on entry forms and membership forms is kept

updated, limited to what the club needs, used only for the purpose for which it is collected and is

only used for marketing purposes if the individual has given consent to do so.

Di Smith, Chair.

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