SCOA Bulletin: March 2016

SCOA BULLETIN                        MARCH 2016

This bulletin provides a brief summary of current SCOA issues, including those items discussed at the recent Committee meeting.

JK 2019

SCOA is hosting this major event in 2019. This may seem a long way ahead but there is much to do, especially for a multi-day event. Areas have been identified, as below. We have Planners for days 1, 3 and 4 and still need Organisers for all days. Most importantly we need to identify an Event Co-ordinator and Event Treasurer. These are crucial roles to the success of the JK, and we need to fill them soon.  So please think long and hard as to whether you have the skills and the willingness to take on one of them.  Your Association really needs you. Please contact the chairman for details

The current proposal is that the events will be held in the following locations (but note that landowner permission has yet to be confirmed):

Sprint                          Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, Harwell

Middle                        Windmill Hill (reserve area Minley)

Long                            Cold Ash

Relay                           Bradenham Woods

SCOA Website

In keeping with the philosophy of pooling resources of the region, there is now a ‘Resources’ tab on the website where SCOA clubs can place information about equipment, etc that they are willing to share with other SCOA clubs.

Also on the website you can see a tab “Champions”. Here you can see all the winners of both SCOA and Southern Championships for the past 20 years or so. Will your name be there too by the end of 2016?

SCOA League survey

Many thanks to the 129 people who responded to the survey. We concluded that

in terms of regional championships,

there was a strong desire to continue with the Long Distance Championship - the date for the 2016 championships will be announced shortly
there was also quite a strong desire for a Middle Distance Championship.  We would welcome offers from clubs to host this, both for 2016 and for future years.
there was less support for a Sprint Championship, a score championship, relays  or other form of interclub competitions.  We will not therefore pursue those.

in terms of the SCOA League,

there was a clear desire for continuing with the league, and broadly in its current form.
there was no appetite to switch to using level B events for the league
there was little desire to move to an age-based league
there was strong support for greater publicity and promotion.

So, even though we ended up making few changes as a result of the survey, at the least the results validated that the league seems to be as good as we can make it - except for improving the promotion.

To help raise the profile and identify the events as part of a league, we will ask event organisers to ensure the SCOA logo is on fliers and that the events are shown as SCOAL1, SCOAL 2, etc.

Results after 8 of the 10 league events are on the SCOA website with some close competition, especially in the Green class. There are just 2 more left to boost your scores: 22 May at Bloom Wood (BKO) and 5 June at Kingswood (TVOC).

Supporting Volunteers

To maintain event standards and meet insurance requirements, event officials (Organisers, Planners and Controllers) need to attend Event Safety and Welfare workshops before taking on those roles, ideally now but mandatory from Jan 2017. So if you are thinking of, or have already volunteered for such a role, and have yet to attend this short workshop, please let your club know and look out for forthcoming workshops around the region.

Level B Officials

Please note that under the new rules, officials for level B events now require approval by the SCOA committee and that this will be managed by Katy Stubbs.


The next SCOA committee meeting will follow the AGM on Thurs 2 June, 19.30, Society of Friends Meeting House, 1 Highfield Ave, Newbury, RG14 5DS.

All members are welcome to attend, but please let the secretary know beforehand so that she can provide papers.

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