SCOA Bulletin: September 2015


This bulletin provides a brief summary of current SCOA issues, including those items discussed at the recent Committee meeting.

British Sprint and Middle Distance Championships

There are still one or two invoices outstanding for these events which were held back in May. However the accounts are now pretty close to being final.

The preliminary accounts show a total surplus for the two events of just under £8,000, a little ahead of the target surplus laid down by British Orienteering. This primarily reflects slightly higher entry numbers than anticipated. It is an excellent results bearing in mind that the entry fees were low compared to other recent British Championship events.

One third of the surplus will go to SCOA, the balance to British Orienteering. These surpluses are very helpful in keeping membership fees and event levies down. Our thanks go to those who helped to put on these events, and particularly to the key officials from BAOC and TVOC respectively.

JK 2019

As mentioned in the June Bulletin, early planning work has already commenced on JK 2019, which SCOA is hosting. Areas need to be identified and key officials appointed three years in advance, ie by next April.

The current proposal is that the events will be held in the following locations (but note that landowner permission has yet to be obtained):

Sprint - Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, Harwell

Middle - Bradenham Woods

Long - Cold Ash

Relay - Yet to be determined

We also need to identify key officials. We will need an overall coordinator and a treasurer for the weekend, as well as planners and organisers for each day. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to officiate at a top level event. You will need to have experience of organising or planning at a minimum of Level B. But if you meet these criteria and fancy taking on one of these roles then please write to

SCOA League 2015/16

This season's SCOA League kicks off at Bucklebury Common, between Reading and Newbury, on Sunday 8th November. Details of the event are available from BKO's website. This event will also feature the prize-giving for the 2014/15 season, so do make sure you attend. The final scores for the 2014/15 League are available on the SCOA website at

The Committee is considering the future of the SCOA League and how to make sure it best meets what the membership wants. Look out for a questionnaire, due out next month, so that your views can be taken into account.

SCOA Junior Squad

Laurence Townley (SN) and Simon Kippin (TVOC) now manage the Junior Squad. The squad has 27 athletes, with six new members having joined since June. However the squad managers would welcome further juniors to boost numbers in the squad. Training sessions are planned for the final weekend of October and of November, with a further session planned for February. The squad is keen for coaches to support training and would welcome any coach offering to plan and organise a future session. The Junior Squad is also sending a team of 13 athletes to the JIRCs (Junior Inter-Regional Championships) which this year are being held on 26 and 27 September in Cannock Chase. Unfortunately, the squad is short of enough runners in each age category, hence the need for more juniors to join. If you can manage an Orange course on your own, and are keen to improve, then please contact Simon or Laurence at


The following controllers courses, open to SCOA members, are being held near Ringwood:

Saturday 3rd October – Grade C controllers course. Prospective controllers would be most welcome.

Saturday 7th November – Grade B controllers course. Open to all level C controllers.

Please contact Katy Stubbs at for more details or to book your place.

An event safety workshop, again open to all SCOA members, is being held near Eastleigh on Saturday 3rd October, 10am to 1pm. This is an essential course for all event organisers, planners and controllers. A few places are still available. Please contact Di Smith for details or to book a place. 

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