SCOA Bulletin: September 2014

This bulletin provides a brief summary of current SCOA issues, including those items discussed at the recent Executive Committee meeting.

2015 British Sprint and Middle Distance Championships

SCOA is hosting next year's British Sprint and Middle Distance Championships. Please make a note of the following dates, both so you are available to run at these races and to help
Saturday 9th May – Sprint Championships being held at Aldershot. Allan Farrington (BAOC) is organising, with Sarah Rollins and Charles Bromley Gardner (both BAOC) planning. BAOC is leading on this event, but all SCOA clubs (except for BKO and TVOC – see below) are asked to provide manpower for the event.
Sunday 10th May – Middle Championships being held at Naphill (just to the west of High Wycombe). Neville Baker (TVOC) is organising, with Seamus Cunnane (TVOC) planning. TVOC is leading on this event, with BKO providing additional manpower.
These will be top class events. Make sure you do not miss them.

Southern Night Championships 2014

This year's Southern Night Championships are being organised by BADO at Silchester Common and Pamber Forest on Saturday 15th November. See for more details.

SCOA Long Distance Championships 2015

SCOA's Long Distance Championships next year will be held at the SARUM Saunter on 8th March at Sidbury Hill (west of Andover). More details in due course.

Junior Squad

The squad is sending a team of 16 juniors to the Junior Inter Regional Championships, which this year is taking place at the end of September in the Lakes. We have enough runners in each age category, but only by running up a number of juniors. The squad is particularly short of W12 and W14s.
Do you know of any W12 or W14s who can run a Light Green, who would like to join the squad? Or other capable juniors who are keen to improve? It is probably too late for this event, but it would be great to build numbers for the future. Please contact Craig Blackford on with suggestions.

Event safety training

It is really important that all organisers, planners and controllers in the region have attended an Event Safety Workshop. 
The next workshop is being held at Wheatley (just off the M40 east of Oxford) on the morning of
Saturday 15th November. Whilst this workshop is being put on primarily for TVOC members, individuals from other clubs are also welcome to attend. Please contact Jon Wheatcroft ( if you wish to attend. 
If you cannot attend that workshop, then please contact Katy Stubbs ( ) for details of future workshops. And if you wish to see other technical training (ie on organising, planning, mapping, or controlling of events) made available, again please pass your request on to Katy and we will see what we can do.

Levy rates for 2015

The SCOA event levy was discussed at the September meeting. Currently, a SCOA levy is paid on every event, at a rate of 18p per senior participant* regardless of the level of event. The number of level D events means a large number of levy payments due, and thus considerable administration. 
Following discussion, SCOA’s clubs have decided to move from 1st January 2015 to a levy only on levels A, B and C events, at a rate of 45p per senior participant*. (This rate will produce approximately the same level of income as the old 18p rate on all events.) This new rate will nevertheless be lower than the rate applying in either SEOA or SWOA regions.
Organisers of events in 2015 should therefore allow in their budgets for a levy per senior participant* of 
Level D event £1.10 This being the new rate of British Orienteering levy for 2015
Level A, B and C events £1.55 being £1.10 British Orienteering levy, £0.45 SCOA Levy

* with juniors counted as 1/3rd of a senior

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