BOF ID Numbers

Please note - Due to the change in the rules requiring all SCOA League competitors to be SCOA members, rather than just members of SCOA clubs, it is necessary for competitors BOF numbers to be included in the results file to receive SCOA League points. This is the only way that I have to confirm your membership of SCOA. If you fail to include your BOF number when entering an event, or have not selected SCOA as your Association when renewing your membership, then you will not be included in the SCOA League results.

The results listings for SCOL4 and SCOL5 may look slightly odd, this is because Wellington College was added as SCOL5 after Burley and Bratley had already been advertised as SCOL4. Having the event numbering out of sequence with the actual order of the events has caused some problems. The 'Enn' numbers in the results show the order in which the events took place, rather than corresponding to the 'SCOLn' designation. Hope that makes things clear!

Ken Ricketts, SCOA League Co-Ordinator.