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On this page, we display events that are sponsored by, or are relevant to, SCOA members. Note that the SCOA Championships are sponsored by SCOA, the requirements for determining the event are shown at SCOA Championships Requirements.

Held by the South Central Junior Squad at Queen Elizabeth Country Park on 3rd December 2000

Long Course (60 minutes)



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SCOA Championships Results 1999

These results give the SCOA Champions in each class. The Championships were run as part of the Southern Navigators Badge Event on 14th November 1999.


Posn Name                     Club

   1 JENNY HOWELL             TVOC
   2 KATE TAYLOR              TVOC
   3 KITTY BRAY               SN


Posn Name                   Club

   1 ADELE PEARSON            TVOC


Posn Name                     Club

   1 KATHRYN BOUCH            BKO
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South Central Junior Squad

Score event

Upper Star Posts

31st October 1999


Controller’s Comments

Firstly I hope you all enjoyed the event.

Two apologies - You all got up too early! (that's what happens when the clocks change) and put an unexpected strain on the master maps. The spare long course master map I added to relieve the pressure did not have the start & finish marked for a while.

Secondly the bracken did not die back as quickly as I had hoped, and three controls on the long course (all of which were 50-...

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SCOA hosted the British Orienteering Championships on 3rd and 4th May 1998 on Mychett, Windmill Hill and Frith Hill.

3rd May 1998: Individual Event - Mychett, Windmill Hill and Frith Hill: Click here for results

4th May 1998: Relay Event - Mytchett. Click here for results


The South Central Junior Squad present

Results from their Score Event at

Blackwood, 14th September 1997

If you have any questions or problems with the results, please email Tim Booth.

Course A (21 controls)


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