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On this page, we display events that are sponsored by, or are relevant to, SCOA members. Note that the SCOA Championships are sponsored by SCOA, the requirements for determining the event are shown at SCOA Championships Requirements.

The 2007 SCOA Championships were held at the NWO Event (and Southern Championships) at West Woods on 11th November 2007. The full results for the event can be viewed here (PDF file).

SCOA Junior Squad's - SCOA Score Championships 2006


Sunday 24 September 2006

Thank you all for coming and supporting the SCOA Junior Squad. 

Score Courses' Results (PDF)
Score Courses' Split Times and Routes Taken (PDF)

White, Yellow...

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The 2006 SCOA Championships took place at the Southdown's Regional event at Rewell on Sunday 8th October 2006.

Below is the list of SCOA Champions 2006:

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Bordon Heaths

Saturday 24 - Sunday 25 June 2006

SCOA, led by BAOC and SOC, hosted the 2006 JIRC over the weekend. The results are below, courtesy of Emit UK.

Championship Results

Overall Points & Main Trophies   ...
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The 2005 SCOA Championships were held at the SLOW OK Nuts Trophy Regional Event at Esher Common on 27 November 2005. Trophies were presented to the winners of the Junior courses at National Event 1 (the Concorde Chase) 2006. Below is the full list of SCOA Champions 2005:


JM1 1       Thomas Ellis       BKO
      2 Ross Birkinshaw       TVOC
      3       Duncan...
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