SCOA Committee

The region is organised by a committee. Details of the committee and the minutes of the meetings are held on this page.


The Committee

Members of the Committee

Chairman Di Smith (SOC) Job Description
Coaching and Development Liz Yeadon (SARUM)
Fixtures Richard Sharp (TVOC)
Junior Squad Co-Manager Laurence Townley (SN)
Junior Squad Co-Manager Simon Kippin (TVOC)
Secretary Fiona Clough (BKO) Job Description
Technical Rep Katy Stubbs (BKO) Job Description
Treasurer Peter Entwistle (BKO) Job Description
BADO Representative Bernie Fowler (BADO)
BAOC Representative Charles Bromley Gardner (BAOC)
OUOC Representative OUOC President (OUOC)
SARUM Representative Alan Yeadon (SARUM)
SN Representative Mike Bray (SN)
SOC Representative Ian Moran (SOC)
SOFA Representative Caroline Ford (SOFA)


Non Committee Posts

These people are not members of the SCOA Committee. but occupy posts doing useful work in the region.

Webmaster Tim Booth (BKO)
Website editor Jerry Newcombe (BADO)

The current constitution can be downloaded by clicking this link (PDF format). This was last updated in October 2016.