SCOA Secretary - Job Description


The main role of the SCOA Secretary is to organise the SCOA Committee meetings and the AGM. There are 4 committee meetings a year: March, June (same day as AGM), September and December. There is very little external to committee correspondence to deal with (2 mailed letters in 4 years and about 10 emails). This is because most of the general information cascading from BO has already been sent direct to clubs.

Outline Tasks

 Before the meeting

  • three weeks before the meeting email committee the provisional agenda and ask for additions
  • three weeks before meeting email requesting reports from committee members/officers to be sent by the Monday before the meeting
  • collate reports and convert them to a standard format (pdf)
  • email committee the collated reports and revised agenda
  • print a few spare copies of meeting papers

During the meeting

  • take the minutes – record salient points from reports

After the meeting

  • produce draft minutes
  • email committee the draft minutes asking for any amendments
  • book the meeting room for the next meeting.
  • re-issue draft minutes to committee.
  • Place minutes on SCOA website.