SCOA Championships Requirements

These requirements have been adopted by the SCOA Committe for determining the correct event to host the SCOA Championships. A version of these requirements in Word format has also been attached.


The event must be level B.

The organising club must include the eligibility rules in their event literature. Suggested wording is included in the Appendix.

The recommended course / age class combinations for the championships are as follows. Organising clubs wishing to propose any variation should contact the SCOA committee for approval prior to inviting entries.





M35, M40


Short Brown

M18, M20, M45, M50



M16, M55, M60

W35, W40

Short Blue


W18, W20, W45, W50



W16, W55, W60

Short Green

M75, M80

W65, W70

Very Short Green

M85, M90

W75, W80, W85, W90

Light Green










Clubs are recommended to take entries by age class, in order that it is clear in which class a competitor is competing. Note that entrants are welcome to 'run up' if they wish. However restrictions may need to be imposed for under 16s running up where road crossings are involved

If the organising club intends to take entries by course rather than by class, they will need to include some wording (see Appendix) into their flyer and final details, giving entrants the opportunity to specify the class in which they wish to compete. Note that this will complicate the production of results in a form suitable for the prize-giving – see below.

The closing date for pre-entry must allow sufficient time for identifying the number of SCOA Championship entries by class, so that the appropriate number of medals can be prepared. Ideally the pre-entry system will ask entrants to confirm championship eligibility. Entry on the day will not be available for the Championships, but can be open for others at the discretion of the organising club.

The organising club must produce results in a form suitable for the prize-giving, and in a timely manner. Clubs will need to determine in advance of opening entries how they will achieve this.

The results system should ideally be set up to generate age-class related results and to display championship eligibility, in addition to course results. (Or as a minimum to display age class and eligibility within course results). This should then make determining the SCOA Championship results straightforward.

There should be a prize-giving ceremony on the day of the event. This should be held as early as practically possible, so that as many as possible of the prize-winners will still be present. Some suggested wording to be included in Final Details is included in the Appendix.

SCOA will arrange for a committee member to give out the prizes, and will arrange medals or certificates at its discretion, to be awarded to the first three in each age class. [Note - If certificates are awarded, they should not include names of winners, to minimise workload prior to the prize-giving.] For junior classes, prize-giving will be to first, second and third places. For seniors, prize-giving can if necessary be restricted to first places, if identifying seconds and thirds will take too long. In the latter case, second and third place medals / certificates can be sent out by post or passed to the recipient through fellow club members.


To be eligible for the SCOA Championships, the competitor must:

  • be a BOF member with SCOA as their nominated Association (as shown on their membership card)

  • enter the class for their age, or to 'run up'. (Note that, as per BOF rule 8.3, women are permitted to be competitive in men’s classes but men are not permitted to compete in women’s classes.)

  • pre-enter by the published closing date of XX/XX/20XX.

Medals [or certificates] will be awarded to the first three eligible in each age class. It is intended that the prize-giving takes place at X:XX or as soon as practical after that.

Taking entries by course

If the organising club wishes to take entries by course rather than by class, it will not be clear what class the competitor wishes to compete in. The following wording should therefore be included in the event flyer and final details.

SCOA members will be deemed to be competing in their actual age group, if they are running the course appropriate to their age group. If they are running up a course, then they will be deemed to be competing:

  • for seniors, in the oldest age group for the course they are running.

  • for juniors, in the youngest age group for the course they are running.

If they wish to be treated as competing in a different age group, they will need to contact [the organiser] by [date] specifying the age group in which they wish to compete.

For example an M60 (or M65) running Blue will be deemed as competing in M60. A W16 competing in Short Blue will be deemed as competing in W18. If they wish to be considered as competing in M55 or W20 respectively, then they need to contact the Organiser.