Thinking of becoming a coach?

Do you want to help people have fun and gain pleasure from learning new skills? Could you inspire the next generation of orienteers? Then how about becoming a club coach?

You do not need great orienteering skills to become a coach; just capable of Light Green standard as a minimum, and to be over 18. What you will need is commitment to devote time and energy into coaching newcomers, and a willingness to learn new things. In return you will receive a coaching certificate which is recognised by education and sporting bodies.

SCOA is currently looking to organise a course later this year, to train up more coaches. If you are interested in becoming a coach, then first of all please get in touch with Dave Rogers, SCOA Coaching Officer ( Dave will talk through with you what is involved, and help you decide if you want to go ahead.  He can also describe what is required to apply for funding.

Then drop an email to Dave to confirm that you want to go ahead.  We need 8 to 10 people to make a course worthwhile.  Once we know numbers, we will then try to find dates that suit most of you.